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Allied Yoga strives to create a vibrant community of those interested in yoga as an evolutionary tool by offering the highest quality yoga and related classes and services. By providing a comfortable environment in which to experience and explore the science and art of Yoga, our wish is to inspire spiritual awakening, emotional growth, intellectual refinement, and physical alignment.

At Allied Yoga we are passionate about all things yoga because we know that that yoga offers tools to improve physical health, aids in mental lucidity, and encourages emotional well-being and equilibrium.

The instructors at Allied Yoga are committed to the ongoing improvement of their proficiency, competence, and instructional effectiveness. The majority of the teachers here are either certified Iyengar Yoga teachers or working towards their Iyengar certification, and are dedicated students of the method. For more on Iyengar Yoga see About Iyengar Yoga.

Our serene and beautiful yoga studio is stocked with a multitude of props for your use, including:


  • Floor Mats
  • Wooden and Cork Blocks
  • Straps (of varying lengths)
  • Wall Ropes for Hanging Poses and other wonderful “traction” poses
  • Bolsters
  • Blankets
  • Eye bags
  • Head/Eye Wraps
  • Special Yoga Chairs
  • Sand bags
  • An assortment of other wooden props: A trestler (or horse), a simhasana bench, a wooden backbender (for supported backbends), slanting planks, a Viparita Karani box, Setu Bandha Bench and more...
  • We also sell props, clothing and books.allied01

Allied Yoga’s Therapeutic Massage is an excellent complement to the quality yoga we offer. When you want your entire being to feel vibrant, vital and balanced, yoga and massage both provide ways to achieve that. Our massage therapists are highly qualified and trained professionals, all board certified through the State of Virginia and graduates of rigorous training programs. They possess experience and the same dedication to ongoing improvement of their technique, knowledge and offerings. Our massage facility is quiet and peaceful, designed to put you at ease.

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Top Massage Therapy Clinics in Charlottesville 2015
A Charlottesville, VA Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) winner of the Patients' Choice Awards.
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