Level I – Iyengar Yoga-  introduces beginning students and students new to the Iyengar approach to the fundamentals of posture and breath.  Level I-II – for both new students and those who have completed Level I. Also ideal for those with previous yoga experience who are new to the Iyengar approach.

Level II – Iyengar Yoga -  for students who have completed the introductory course in Iyengar yoga. The basic poses are refined with an emphasis on all the standing poses. Inverted poses (headstand, plow, and shoulderstand) are introduced.

Level II-III – Iyengar Yoga– for students with previous Iyengar training who are strong in standing poses and can do headstand, shoulderstand and plow with confidence. Please consult with the instructor before enrolling. A home practice is 

Yoga Basics – Iyengar Yoga introduces beginning students to the fundamentals of yoga postures and the mechanics of technique. Includes important elements that make yoga more than a physical fitness system. Also ideal for those with previous yoga experience who are new to the Iyengar method, or who are in search of a “refresher” course.

Gentle yoga– Iyengar yoga for people with significant physical constraints such as joint replacement, fractures, or limited movement in one or more joints. Also suitable for decreased energy due to disease process or chemotherapy, chronic pain, etc.

Sun Salutations – The original vinyasa (yoga posture flow). Special emphasis is placed on moving into and out of postures safely, correct alignment, using the breath, and learning to quiet the chatter of the mind to find peace and inner stillness. Explore the different variations of this time-honored practice.

Hatha Yoga – Come to the mat and explore the connection of mind, body and spirit while bringing greater stability and freedom to every asana. This class is designed to bring the body back to it’s optimal alignment while celebrating the spirit within. So start your day off right and experience the physical and mental benefits all day long!

Hatha 2 – continues the exploration of mind and body through asana. We will continue the exploration of freedom offered through alignment based asanas that will take you deeper into both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. Be ready to explore advanced inversions, playful arm balances and deeper backbends!

Yoga for Athletes – Yoga is not just about flexibility to prevent injury; it’s about improving performance. We will take the time to work on techniques for more efficient stretching utilizing strength, while targeting areas of the body traditionally used in while training. Additionally, the class will cover breathing techniques for a faster recovery. This class is for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced.

Gentle/Restorative – Yoga to wake up the body with gentle postures & movements along with restorative poses to relax and refresh the body and mind. Appropriate for all levels and all ages, including those new to yoga.